Our Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility

In pursuing Corporate Social Responsibility, a company makes conscious choices to find the right balance between the economic, social and environmental aspects of all internal and external business activities. At Rafal, our business is people and property. As people in the real estate business, we strive to be trusted business partners and by being responsible, we help to create that trust Partnership underpins our firm and our values. We believe that the successful long-term future of our business can only be achieved by working collaboratively with our stakeholders and in their interests: customers – whether they are investors, end users – employees, suppliers, NGOs, the media, Government and the wider community. We understand that our business activities impact on the environment, society and economy directly and indirectly. We are committed to managing CSR as a developer, an employer, and a good corporate citizen. Under this policy, Rafal adopts operating principles which ensures that we pursue:

  • Ethical business conduct – We pursue CSR-driven decision making, seek transparency throughout all our business operations and have made ethical business standards explicit in internal policy documents and procedures.

  • Sustainable operations – We try to embody the change that we wish to see in the world by creating the best possible working environment and conditions for our employees and seek to reduce the environmental impact of our business operations as much as possible.

  • Commitment to society – We strive to contribute to society by donating to and sponsoring social causes as a company, and encouraging our staff to do likewise.

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