RAFAL sets a new Benchmark for companies operating in the Real Estate sector

RAFAL sets a new Benchmark for companies operating in the Real Estate sector

Despite some limited rights, the Saudi woman has been able to deservedly prove her presence in all vital and developing sectors in the Kingdom, having overcomemany obstacles and challenges, which enablingher to occupy leading positions and become an active member of the community.

Sincefemale contribution limitation in real estate was visibly clear, RAFAL was prompted to place a new unconventional standard in a strategy of hiring women in various departments of the company. An approach based on the company’s belief in the importance of the female influence in the real estate sector.

Accordingly, RAFAL Real Estate development company announced that female personnel account for 20% of total company employees, holding positions in marketing, sales, engineering, design, accounting and human resources.

To empowerladies to compete and excel in the real estate sector, RAFAL was committed to createan attractive and supportive work environmentand to help them in developing their professional skills and capabilities through the use of advanced technologies and training, thus overcoming the obstacles that were faced by women within companies operating in the sector.

RAFAL Real Estate Development Company attributed the challenges facedby women in this sector to several factors; whether from regulations and procedures or other professionals in the industry neglecting the acceptance of women working among them. Thus the company is seeking to encourage the enrollment of women in the real estate sector, both residential or commercial, that would attract other women to step in.

It is worth mentioning that RAFAL Real Estate Development Company, established at the end of 2007, is specialized in developing integrated high-end residential communities. The company’s mission revolves around developing various residential communities. RAFAL is committed to providing consistent value for its long term partners in success.

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